We're not just MEP engineers.
We're JUST MEP engineers.

We just finished our second round of the JUST™ process, and learned a lot about where we stand in relation to our stated values. The International Living Future Institute’s JUST program helped us measure the nuts and bolts of our commitment to social justice, and the report card is a snapshot of where we stand right now.

JUST is not a verification or certification program, it is a transparency platform for organizations to learn and then reveal, among other things, how they treat their employees and where they make financial and community investments. We reported on a range of organization and employee-related indicators with specific and measurable information, and were recognized one- to three-star levels in a number of categories. We are proud of our three star areas and are making plans to address categories where we rated one or two stars.

FSi consistently examines ways to better live our values. Our JUST label lets you see how we’re doing.

Making a (net) positive difference.

Sustainable, energy-saving design: it’s what we do every day.

We are committed to high performance building design that saves energy, water, and operating costs. Projects improving both performance and efficiency are really the core of our work. So it’s only natural that we’ve jumped at opportunities to get on board early with rating systems that quantify performance.

140+ LEED Projects

Our strong background in energy modeling and high performance design earned us the role of mechanical engineer for the King County North Transfer Station. King County has long been a leader in sustainability, and the North Transfer Station was the first transfer station to achieve LEED Platinum certification, and just the third Platinum project in Washington State. We’ve gone on to participate in more than 120 LEED projects, providing design, energy modeling, commissioning, and even leading the certification process.

Net Zero & Living Buildings

Now many of our clients are going to the next level, asking us to design net zero buildings that generate as much energy as they use, or Living Buildings, which generate more energy and collect more water than they use, and produce no waste. We have two certified Living Buildings under our belt, and several more in the works targeting the International Living Future Institute’s Living Building, Net Zero, or Petal certifications.

Fran’s Chocolates

Fran’s Chocolates sets a very high standard for every ingredient they use as well as the finished product, so it’s no surprise they also had high expectations for their new facility. They needed precise environmental control, aesthetics worthy of their award-winning confections, and the highest possible degree of sustainability. They chose to located their new facility into the original Rainier Brewery building, which had been abandoned for decades. They loved the Georgetown community, and the historic brick building.

Colman Dock Ferry Terminal

FSi is the mechanical engineer for Washington State Ferries’ new Colman Dock in Downtown Seattle. With our expertise in airflow modeling, we worked with the design team to design the building to be cooled almost entirely with natural ventilation. We are excited to support the WSF’s commitment to sustainability, and we’re enjoying watching construction progress from our Seattle office.

SEED Classroom

FSi provided pro bono mechanical support for design of the SEED net-zero classroom building. The SEED classroom is a net-zero energy and water use, and completely non-toxic learning environment. It has a 100-year life, and costs 60% less to operate than a conventional portable classroom. Two SEED classrooms have achieved Living Building Certification. We worked with SEED to redesign the building’s mechanical system and supported its installation at the Living Future Conference in Seattle in 2013.


38 years of engineering expertise, at your service.

FSi formed in 1985, primarily to provide engineering to Boeing. Our ability to communicate technical issues clearly, to understand complex functions and facilities, and to meet fast track schedules earned us the honor of a 35-year relationship with Boeing.

As the years went by, we learned more and more clients benefited from the technical skills and culture of impeccable service we’d developed to succeed at Boeing work.

Our capacity to quickly get up to speed on industrial functions earned us the trust of agencies with complex facilities, such as the Port of Seattle, King County Transit, and utility districts. Our ability to meet tight schedules drew in clients like school districts and colleges, who count on us to get their buildings ready for students at the start of the school year. Our design of systems to support sensitive processes translated perfectly to wineries and food production facilities, and our long history of identifying energy saving opportunities gave us an early entry into design of high-performing buildings, LEED, and Living Building projects.

Principal Rob Danforth joined FSi in its early days. An engineer first, he ran a team that does impeccable work. “Every company out there uses the word excellence.” he often says. “The difference is, we live and breathe it.”

Principals Kevin Chadwick, Ben Roush, Rick Himmel, and Ola Jarvegren lead FSi’s unique approach to business communication. “We follow a model that ensures clear communication, so we really understand the goals and terms of satisfaction for all requests, from the smallest to the most complex," founding principal Rob Danforth says. "After all, this business is first and foremost about understanding and responding to our clients’ needs. We believe in getting it absolutely right, every time.”

Kevin adds his backing to Rob’s vision. “We make sure we understand our clients’ goals, challenges, and timelines before we begin the design process. We take ownership of their ultimate success, just as if we were the building owners.”

Now, 38 years later, FSi has grown to a team of nearly 50 employees in three offices, and every person at FSi is steeped in our culture of clear communication and excellence in customer service. We all look forward to talking with you and contributing to the success of your next project!

Our Values

Community is a basic building block of everything we do. Just as building systems are connected and depend on each other to function, people influence and support each other. FSi is committed to fostering those connections within our company, with our clients, and our AEC partners. We encourage every employee to build strong family, social, and professional networks, and to give meaningfully to their communities.

FSi stands for meeting commitments, clear and open communication, and doing whatever is necessary to complete projects to our clients’ satisfaction. Public institutions and private industrial clients come to us over and over because they know they can trust FSi to work with a passion for giving our best, and to take on their goals as our own.

We are proud that our clients tell us they find us to be nimble, flexible, and responsive. We strive to provide increasing levels of service, and refuse to admit there will be a time when we can’t improve.

Our values start with community, and end with family. We care for our teammates as we do our families, focusing on the well-being of each person in the office. And then we extend those same values to our greater community, taking real joy in contributing to the world beyond the walls of FSi. You will find us collecting food and clothing for our unhoused neighbors, doing pro bono work on The BLOCK Project, and inspiring our coworkers to contribute to the causes we’re passionate about.

All-electric energy codes go statewide

The 2021 Washington State and Seattle energy codes take effect soon. For the first time, all-electric systems are required statewide.

A Space to Learn Wine

Check out our work on the WSU Wine Science Center!

A Cafeteria for the Earth

The new cafeteria at Green Lake Elementary features state-of-the-art sustainable design.