Soheil graduated with a BSME from the University of Tabriz in 1998 and continued his education in mechanical building systems at BCIT in British Columbia, Canada. He brings 15 years of expertise in industrial, commercial, and residential HVAC & piping design and control systems, primarily in oil & gas, mining, and marine projects. He has a background with both EPC and engineering consulting companies.

At university, Soheil gravitated to mechanical engineering and found that he enjoyed the specializations of heat transfer and fluid dynamics, then added HVAC to his coursework. He enjoys seeing projects through their full cycle, from preliminary design to completion and build, and appreciates the variety of work that comes with HVAC and piping design work. He also studied the French language for three years in Canada.

Soheil is recently married, and his wife works in interior design and indoor & outdoor building material supply. She is a small business owner who is eager to develop her business in the US and Seattle. Soheil and his wife enjoy a family-oriented life including movies, hiking, and sports. He is also a music enthusiast, both attending performances and playing. Although they do not have pets currently, they are dog enthusiasts who plan to add canine companions to their home.

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