Principal Ola Jarvegren brings more than two decades of professional experience. He has designed specialized HVAC, plumbing, piping, and fire protection systems for a wide range of civic and public buildings including city halls, utility buildings, and educational facilities. Ola is committed to cost-effective and energy-efficient design, and has led design of high performing systems for a wide range of public and industrial clients.

Born in Sweden, Ola brings a life-long cultural commitment to community, which he demonstrates in part by focusing on sustainable design. He has designed more than 50 projects receiving LEED certification, with many achieving Gold and Platinum levels. He leads FSi’s green building drive, focusing on net zero, LEED services, and Living Buildings to promote healthier structures and a healthier planet.

When Ola manages projects and creates his designs, he’s not just considering the building: he’s interested in its occupants. “I think about how the person at the desk will feel, how do they relate to the space they’re in. I always hope they feel good knowing they are in a building that is sustainable.”

One of Ola’s favorite projects is the Colman Dock ferry terminal, for Washington State Ferries. The state is committed to innovation, which was necessary to keep the ferry system running as the additions and improvements are under construction. He’s also enjoying working on the King County Jameson building, a $25M project with a goal of net positive energy, or producing a surplus of energy above its use, to feed back into the grid. He believes the Jameson project will set a new bar for building design and is at the forefront of the next wave of sustainable innovation.

Ola takes community very seriously, believing that when the community is healthy and prosperous, so are the individuals within it. He has participated in dozens of FSi-sponsored community service events. You can also see his commitment in the way he mentors and coaches both engineers and support staff. He takes opportunities to share tasks to promote growth in skill and confidence. Every day, he lives and breathes FSi’s core vision of “inspiring and nurturing excellence.”

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