Mike began his FSi career right after receiving his BSME from Seattle University. He started off working on FSi’s projects at Boeing, which offered him many one-off facility types that honed his creative, out-of-the-box thinking. A project he particularly enjoyed was a paint facility at Boeing in Charleston, NC. Among the many challenges there was to mitigate the high cost of electricity. The team designed an “ice farm” that chills water during the middle of the night when power is less expensive, and which also eliminates the need for mechanical cooling pumps. The project was immense and complicated, characteristics Mike always enjoys working with.

Since joining FSi in 2010, Mike has become an indispensable part of the team, earning his place as an Associate. He exemplifies a value we call “ownership mindset,” which means we don’t wait for others to address issues as they arise; each member of the team has the responsibility and freedom to make decisions that benefit our clients. As an owner in the company, Mike feels an even greater responsibility to coach his colleagues and strive for excellence in every aspect of serving our clients.

Mike also takes FSi’s commitment to the community very seriously. He volunteers at Michael’s Place, Habitat for Humanity, community clean-ups, and many of FSi’s fundraising efforts. He also loves to travel, diving deep into the history of the countries he visits. Locally, he takes advantage of the Northwest’s outdoor culture, including hiking, snowboarding and camping. One of his most memorable “hikes,” which he says was really more like climbing a mountain, was to the top of Mt. St. Helen where he got to see the smoking caldera and the inspiring views from that height.

Mike has adopted a “student for life” outlook and is always interested in what he can learn from every project. He brings attention to detail blended with awareness of each of the design team’s collective and individual concerns. These traits have his clients coming back project after project, year after year.

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