Michael is a mechanical designer and energy manager with 14 years of experience. He contributes to FSi’s Boeing team, and has worked on large projects including hangars and production-line buildings. He enjoys the real-world experience of site-visits, visiting the parts of the sites few people see, or “the innards of the buildings,” and a look behind the scenes. He is interested in the whole facility, from the catwalks to the unlit tunnels that require headlamps to navigate.

He brings collaborative problem-solving to his jobs, believing that design gets better when several perspectives are taken into account. This enhances the relationship-building side of the job, an area he admits was a stretch when he first joined FSi, but has become a part of the job he really values. Most of all, he enjoys the diversity of projects he gets to work on.

When he’s not providing commissioning services to FSi clients, or designing great HVAC systems, he loves to get outside. He plays soccer, skis, and hikes. His whole family often goes out together to do trail walking in the foothills and forests, enjoying the fresh air and their time together.

All-electric energy codes go statewide

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