Liam brings a BSME from the University of Vermont and 3 years of design experience. His clients include Boeing, Tacoma Public Utilities, and the City of Bellevue. He joined FSi because of the company culture. He values the positive relationships with colleagues and clients, the focus on sustainability, and getting a massage every Tuesday.

As a child, Liam was always interested in machines, especially in vehicles. He has a natural skill at math and an enjoyment of physics. He says he accidentally fell into engineering through his interest in architecture, seeing old buildings being given modern purposes. His focus is on creating systems that are clean and energy efficient.

Liam is a huge sports fan, continuing his childhood love of vehicles with an interest in Formula 1 racing. He also enjoys soccer, baseball, and hockey, whether he’s watching in person or on TV. You may find him hiking with friends around the PNW or learning to grow houseplants to bring the outdoors into his home environment. He also loves to travel, enjoying exploring new environments and cities around the world.

All-electric energy codes go statewide

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