Kyle started at FSi shortly after earning his BSME degree from WSU, adding it to the degree from Whitworth in Applied Physics. He has 11 years of mechanical engineering experience, with 9 years at FSi Engineers. Kyle has He comes from a family of engineers and thinks maybe his career has its roots in genetics. As a child, he loved going to work with his father, and continues to appreciate creating tangible things.

At FSi, he enjoys working on a wide variety of projects, including many for The Boeing Company. He takes pride in focusing on the safety and health of the people who work in the industrial settings he designs. But Boeing isn’t his only client. He loves the fact that in the last year he has designed large manufacturing projects, a fire station, and a Buddhist temple. He says he is always learning something new.

You can usually find Kyle outside camping and hiking in all kinds of weather. In the winter he takes advantage of the mountains with snowboarding and snowshoeing. He shares these activities with his wife, Marissa, and their dog, Rainier, an 80 lb. Pyrenees/Burmese mix.

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