Since 2014, Jessica has been bringing her meticulous engineering to every design she works on. She lends her expertise to the Boeing team as well as working with other clients. One of her favorite projects was designing HVAC for the new Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic. She is proud to have contributed to a much-needed resource for an underserved community. The project also had a fresh technical complication with the onset of COVID-19, so she increased filtration and provided more negative pressure isolation rooms. The project had a small budget for the improvements and an unpredictable schedule, both of which Jessica was able to meet.

Jessica grew up watching her engineer father work and admired the way he approached problem-solving. When a high school teacher encouraged her to pursue engineering for her college career, she jumped in with both feet. She is now an Associate at FSi, which she calls “a real honor,” and is looking forward to continuing to help FSi grow. Jessica came to FSi because of the company’s culture and has stayed because FSi values people over profit.

When she’s not working, you’ll find Jessica with her family. Creating new adventures with them is her current focus. She also hopes to get back into playing volleyball, a sport she has enjoyed for years.

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