Fawaz graduated from Philadelphia University in 2018 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He brings special expertise in fire protection and smoke management design, which he gained through his involvement in various projects such as Al Nook Towers, ICD Brookfield Place, and Ocean Fair International Group FZE in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Fawaz has a vibrant personal life. He finds joy in staying active and participating in sports such as swimming, basketball, and soccer. In his leisure time, he also nourishes his passion for exploring the world and embarking on travel adventures. Fawaz and his wife share a deep love for discovering new destinations together, with Italy being one of their dream destinations.

One intriguing aspect of Fawaz’s life is how he met his Lebanese American wife. Despite being from different parts of the world, they connected through online correspondence. Astonishingly, they later discovered that their fathers had known each other years ago in Lebanon. This serendipitous connection exemplifies just how interconnected our world can be, transcending physical borders and creating unexpected ties between individuals.

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