Faheem brings 8 years of experience and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Benha University that he earned in 2014.

Faheem came to engineering naturally, as the first thing he remembers wanting to be was an inventor. He always loved motors and RC cars, tinkering with them to make new, more powerful models. His projects are still in his parent’s home today. “I got shocked a lot,” he says, “but I found it interesting, and it didn’t put me off at all.” In Egypt, careers are chosen at age 16. Although his parents wanted him to be a doctor, he followed his heart to math and engineering.

At work, he found real joy in his ability to produce tangible results, and projects he could point to and say he worked on them.

He moved to the Pacific Northwest to be with his wife, having been separated by COVID travel restrictions. Now together again, Faheem and Kathryn hike together, jump in the car for spontaneous road trips, and are about to take on learning to dance together. Faheem is also a dedicated athlete, playing soccer and volleyball, practicing target shooting, and cycling around Western Washington.

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