Before Daimian got his BSME from Walla Walla University, he spent time working as a mechanic. This gives him a broad perspective on maintainability, and a personal understanding of the importance of easy system access and maintenance.

Daimian specializes in high security projects including jails, police facilities, and military installations. In addition to security, these facilities often require additional safety considerations and have important human behavior components. That makes them the kind of complex project Daimian enjoys sinking his teeth into.

In addition to his engineering skills, Daimian excels at explaining complex concepts to engineers and non-engineers alike. He weaves the concepts into stories, employing memorable examples and metaphors. He says he learned this skill mentoring for ACE, a 2-year program that introduces high school students to the education and career possibilities in architecture, engineering, and construction.

Daimian is the first engineer in his family and learned a lot on his own. He has ridden dirt bikes since he was 9 years old. His parents, a nurse and a musician, didn’t have any mechanical knowledge to offer him, so he started repairing his bike on his own. Daimian still bikes whenever he can, sometimes sporting casts or braces when he returns to work, always having had a great time.

Daimian’s clients include King County, the State of Washington, and Seattle Housing Authority. They rely on him for his responsiveness, and the valuable advice he cheerfully offers when asked.