Chris fell in love with drafting in a high school class and has never looked back. He has worked on everything from upscale coffee store design to aircraft carriers, doing drafting, project management, and design as the job needed it. He was drawn to FSi through conversations with Daimian Bingham, who had been a colleague at a previous employer. “The more Daimian talked about what life is like at FSi,” he says, “The more interested I became.” He appreciates FSi’s people-centric approach, as it matched the way he likes to do design and manage projects.

An adventurous type, Chris and his wife recently purchased new bikes. Neither of them has ridden since their early teen years, and they are looking forward to renewing their acquaintance with an old mode of transportation. He also enjoys fantasy, which he indulges in with gaming and reading. He especially enjoys playing Wizard characters, where he occasionally plays against type to become the antagonist.

Chris is often quiet in groups but has a quick sense of humor that he likes to indulge. You will learn this immediately if you ask him about his family lineage. The answer to that question might have you wondering just what those tattooed tic marks on his arm are counting.

All-electric energy codes go statewide

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