In his 15 year career, Ben has attained an unusually wide variety of certifications, reflecting his unusually wide range of expertise. He is one of a small group of professionals in the United States licensed as mechanical and fire protection engineers, who are also Certified Commissioning Professionals. He holds LEED AP BD+C accreditation, and serves as a board member of the Maryland Chapter of the US Green Building Council. All of this combines to give him a wide lens through which to view his clients’ projects, as he takes in maintainability, industry best-practices, working within limited budgets, and looking for innovative ways to maximize sustainability in each project.

With appreciation to those who mentored him in the past, Ben pays it forward by leading FSi’s teams that focus on commissioning, LEED services, fire protection, energy modeling, acoustic modeling, and steam. He shares his experience to help his co-workers broaden their own areas of expertise.

Have an odd-ball question about an unusual system? Ask Ben; the rest of us at FSi do. He enjoys reciting verbatim from LEED rating systems or the mechanical, plumbing, energy, and fire protection codes, as well as finding just the right solution for one-off, unique systems.

Ben doesn’t slow down on the weekends, either. In the winter, you’ll find him skiing around the Northern US and Canada. In the summer, he regularly takes climbing vacations with his wife Karrie. He credits her with teaching him how to climb better, and upping his ski game so he can “keep up with her as she jumps off small cliffs. On purpose.”