Senior Associate Art Stokes came to lead FSi’s electrical team after working as a consultant on a number of our projects. He brings more than three decades of experience in electrical engineering for civic infrastructure projects and large industrial clients.

Art has a background in art and uses it to enhance his designs with his aesthetic sensibilities. He believes his projects should be visually subtle as well as sustainable and highly functional. He is bringing this skill to FSi’s new waterfront office, helping us to earn ILFI’s CORE certification. Of course, some projects do not lend themselves to subtlety; Art was Electrical Project Manager at the Simpson Paper & Pulp Plant, in which one turbine alone was $30M of a $90M MACC project.

In his spare time, you may find him in his workshop building fun, arty electronic gadgets, or being a ref at soccer games. He takes his ref skills onto the freeway, where you may see him giving red cards to drivers of whose behavior he disapproves.