Alex graduated from the University of Washington in 2012 , and earned an MSME in 2014. She has built her career around a passion for sustainability and energy work, and carries that focus into her work at FSi.

Alex is particularly interested in water conservation, believing that access to clean water is a basic human need and right. Her design process always includes thoughts of a project’s impact on future generations.

Alex describes herself as a classic type-A personality, organized to the high degree demanded by her busy life. She is a direct communicator who stands by her values and commitments. Her clients rely on her for clarity, attention to detail, and bringing a deep understanding of each project’s goals and priorities.

Outside of work, you’ll find the same busy, organized person. Alex and her husband Taylor have two daughters. They enjoy hiking in the beautiful wilderness areas around the Inland Northwest, playing cooperative boardgames, and are looking forward to family D&D campaigns when their girls are old enough to play. Alex also believes in contribution to her community and finds time to volunteer mentoring underserved young people.

All-electric energy codes go statewide

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