Completion 2022
Prime Consultant DCI Engineers
Owner Spokane Airport Board (Spokane International Airport)

Spokane is growing by leaps and bounds, and the Spokane Airport is expanding its services to keep pace. With more flights coming into the airport, there is a greater demand for rental cars, and the added cars were taking a toll on a airport facilities.

Each time a rental car is returned, it is washed to make it ready for the next customer. The asphalt outside the wash facilities was frequently wet, and in Spokane’s cold winters, the combination of salt and freeze/thaw cycles was causing damage to the paving.

The airport brought in our team, led by DCI Engineers, to upgrade the facility so it can support the larger volume of rental car returns at the airport. The project is expanding the heated concrete apron outside the nine vehicle wash and maintenance stations. We are also adding trench drains to prevent freezing, improving both safety and longevity of the apron. FSi’s scope includes adding a new, high-efficiency boiler to increase heating capacity, and moving and reconfiguring an existing boiler within the limited space in the mechanical room. FSi supported development of a phasing plan to keep the facility operating throughout construction.

Return your rental car, and get on a plane, painted in a state of the art facility!

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