Completion 2017
Prime Consultant BHC Consultants
Owner Southwest Suburban Sewer District
Awards 2022 ACEC Engineering Excellence Awards: Gold Award, Best in State: Unique or Innovative Application of New or Existing Techniques

When the Southwest Suburban Sewer District needed to replace and relocate the digester in the Salmon Creek wastewater treatment plant, FSi Engineers stepped in to help. To accommodate the new digester, the existing operations building needed to be renovated, and an existing office and lab space needed to be moved.

FSi’s scope at Salmon Creek included domestic plumbing design, fire protection systems, and an HVAC condition assessment and upgrade, as well as the replacement of an existing generator to accommodate the increased fuel capacity required by the new digester. The existing generator and tank were located in a small room within the operations building. FSi considered installing the new generator in the same small space, as well as alternatives like a remote tank and piping and a packaged generator unit with an integrated tank. The Sewer District initially opted for a remote tank, and FSi provided mechanical design for the tank, piping, and ventilation.

However, as the remodel design evolved, space within the building became more critical. The generator would no longer fit where it was initially placed. FSi worked with the Sewer District to change plans, choosing a packaged generator with an integral tank, located outside the building. To accommodate this relocation, FSi designed the mechanical connections from the generator to the building and integral systems, as well as proper airflow for generator cooling.

FSi’s agile design team was crucial to the success of the digester upgrade at the Salmon Creek wastewater treatment plant. To see where else FSi’s flexibility in the face of unexpected issues shines, check out our work at the Buchanan Towers Dormitory .

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