Seattle Colman Dock Ferry Terminal

Washington State Ferries | Washington State DOT

FSi was the mechanical engineer for 30% design of a new ferry terminal complex at Colman Dock in downtown Seattle. The largest building on the site, a 22,000 sf passenger terminal, will accommodate 4.4 million passengers per year. As passengers arrive or leave the building, large doors are opened, letting heat escape the building. To maintain energy efficiency and support the building’s LEED Silver goal, FSi designed a radiant floor heating system for the building, minimizing heat loss from the open doors. The ventilation system includes heat recovery for further energy savings.

The radiant heat piping is fed from Seattle Steam’s biomass boiler, which uses wood waste, a renewable resource, to generate steam. The terminal will be cooled entirely with natural ventilation, taking advantage of breezes from Puget Sound. Windows in the terminal provide natural light and views. FSi created an energy model for energy life cycle cost analysis of the new terminal building, enabling the owner and design team to make informed design decisions.

FSi also provided mechanical design for auxiliary buildings on the site, including, an entry building; vehicle passenger, attendant, and crew facilities; and a facility for the water-taxi service.

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