National Cat Day (October 29) is one of the 365 days every year when we should all celebrate cats. FSi is doing our part, featuring our own soft, sweet, purring, and sometimes cranky kitties.

Mac & Cheese

Mac (L) and Cheese (R) belong to Benjamin G. They are hellions twice a day, usually at 5 a.m. and 7 p.m., when they go running and jumping all over the house and its occupants. Then they sleep and eat for the rest of the day.

Clara & Fanny

Ben Roush and his wife Karrie adopted Clara and Fanny in December 2020. Then they had Grayson in November of 2021. Clara & Fanny were not impressed.

In this photo, you may think Fanny wants to go for a hike. You would be wrong.



Daimian says, “This is my partner Lisa’s new cat, so mine by extension. I had to think about her name for a second as I always just call it “the cat”, LOL. It’s Bella. The kids couldn’t agree on a name, so the name from the adoption agency stuck.”

Frankie, Trixie, Enzo, & Alex

My name is Frankie, which is short for Queen Francine, and I am most definitely the Queen around here. My loyal subjects like to dote on me and give me all the pets, and tell me I’m the prettiest kitty in all the land. Unless you live in my castle, I do not want you here, and I will immediately run away from you. However, don’t mistake this for fear – I once hissed and clawed at the window when a bald eagle got too close for my liking.

Hi, I’m Trixie (short for Beatrix), and I love food, pets, playing with string, and food, and OHMYGOD is that ham? Do you have HAM? CAN I HAVE SOME???

Greetings, I am Enzo, and while I am aware that Frankie believes she is the “prettiest kitty in all the land,” that title does in fact belong to me. Clearly. I am a Bengal cat, and was abandoned with my brother as a young lad. I spent a little time in foster care, and then was adopted by my mom, who spends far too much time staring at this computer screen. To help her out, I will sit on the keyboard, on her lap, try to close the screen, and generally just do anything I can to get her to stop what she’s doing and pay attention to ME. That is obviously what she would rather be doing, anyway.

Hello, I’m Alex. I like to lay down on the bottom stair and scare the crap out of my mom when she comes down in the morning. I always make up for it by purring extra loud and giving snuggles and head butts whenever she sits down to watch TV. I was a rescue kitty, and was smaller than a $1 bill when I came to this family! Thanks to them I am now what they like to call a “chonker.”

Jennette belongs to Frankie, Trixie, Enzo and Alex.

Penny & Mochi

Milissa has two kitties, Penny and Mochi.

“Penny is our chunky girl because she gets into the butter dish daily. She is mad at all times and dislikes all people who look at her or try to pet her or even dare to exist. She is mean and ornery but she is our pretty Penny girl and we love her.

Mochi is a rare female orange tabby we adopted this year and we call her ‘owl eyes’ because she never blinks. She has the energy of 10,000 kittens and has the zoomies 23/7. The other hour of the day she wants to snuggle and lick your face off with sandpaper kisses.”


Marci says, “Here is my Daddy’s boy. He lays and sleeps with Eddie. Eddie is the CatFather.”


Lilo is almost two years old and thrives off human attention. She particularly likes being held like a baby while getting her pets. Lilo has been told she has a bit of a staring problem (as the pictures show). She loves to be helpful when Isabella is working from home by stepping all over her keyboard. Other than that, she is just a very chatty, fluffy girl.


Cleo’s hobbies are napping, eating, and sometimes cuddling. She is a mighty hunter and dismemberer of catnip mice. Cleo belongs to Kim and her aunt Kay.

Marceline & Lincoln

Ola says, “Our cats are Marceline (aka the Vampire Queen) and Lincoln. Marceline is mom to Lincoln, and he was the only cat in the one litter she had. We sometimes call him our dumpster baby because he was born in a black plastic bag full of stuffed animals in my daughter’s closet.

The vet insisted Marceline had been spayed and we couldn’t figure out why she would still be in heat. She snuck out when we were moving, and 2.5 months later Lincoln was born. Lincoln has spent his entire life knowing just Marceline and our family. They have a love/hate relationship; they can be best of friends, and worst of friends.

My favorite thing about my cats is that every morning when I get up at 4 a.m., Lincoln is there to meet me, say hi, get some pets, and then when I sit down to work at home, he hops into the wine box I have next to my desk to sleep while I work. I love the company in the morning.”

Obi & Pine

Scott says,

“Obi is an enigma. He runs the household and asserts his dominance over his humans, our dog, Beau, and our other cat, Pine. Obi bops our dog on the nose simply for walking in his vicinity. His favorite toy is a stuffed animal, Mr. Otter, who we picked up on the vet’s recommendation as a redirection tool to prevent him from attacking our feet when he was a kitten. But Obi also has a very soft side. He will be the first to crawl under the blanket in bed to curl up by your side. If you’re lying on the couch, he will make his way from across the room just to snuggle up on your chest and nuzzle your chin. So long as you are in touch with his “Dos and Don’ts,” he can be very affectionate and sweet.

Pine is our sweetheart. She literally cannot do anything wrong in our eyes. She came from a rough situation, where she was going to be left behind if a home couldn’t be found. We took her in when she was only 5 or 6 weeks old. She was covered in fleas and malnourished, but we were able to get her to a healthy state. She then came alive and portrayed all of her fun characteristics. She’s incredibly playful and her favorite toys are tape measures (which makes trying to use one rather difficult) and small envelopes of seeds. She makes a little “humph” meow any time she jumps down to the ground, even if it’s only from the height of a coffee table. She’s a bit of a scaredy cat and will hide when new people come over, either in the closet, under the bed, or in her wall-hammock, where she prefers to spend most of her time relaxing. You can count yourself lucky if she warms up to you and lets her goofy character shine.”

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