The Just™ label is not a certification or a goal, it is an on-going process of self-evaluation under the guidance of the International Living Future Institute. FSi has completed our first round of this process and we are happy to report that our performance is very much in alignment with our values. As we explored the reality of our practices, we found places that surprised us, both in positive ways, and ways that called for us to step up our game. The exercise of applying was a real eye-opener and got us to thinking. Here’s one way that showed up.

FSi is an S-Corp, owned by a small group of employees. One of the things the owners look for is how to make tangible, positive contributions to the lives of our employees. What we came to again and again is that the most valuable commodity in our culture is time. So we decided to make a radical change in the way we staff, and now each employee, including contract workers, has the option of taking every other Friday off.

We thought a lot about how to offer our employees this benefit while still retaining the degree of service that our clients depend on, and that we’re proud to give. We adjusted our staffing models and the way we manage projects in order to make transitions seamless, even invisible to our clients. Though we’re still in the early stages of this program, the feedback is that we’re headed in a great direction.

All-electric energy codes go statewide

The 2021 Washington State and Seattle energy codes take effect soon. For the first time, all-electric systems are required statewide.

A Space to Learn Wine

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A Cafeteria for the Earth

The new cafeteria at Green Lake Elementary features state-of-the-art sustainable design.