By Jessica Moyer, Senior Associate

Jessica Moyer was recently promoted to the position of Senior Associate at FSi. She shares some of her thoughts about leadership and the culture at FSi.

One of the things I’m most proud of about our work at FSi is the relationships we have with our clients. I started off with a solid understanding of what service means; being reliable, listening to understand, and delivering high quality work on time. In my 9 years here, I’ve grown in my understanding of what makes those relationships thrive and last thanks to the leadership and mentoring I’ve received.

Both internally and externally, we strive to have open and transparent communication. If we see a bump in the road ahead, we address it quickly and directly. I know there are other places which focus on where problems originate which results in them assigning blame. While it’s important to identify where problems come from, we don’t fixate on the upset for long. We acknowledge the challenge and work together to fix it and move forward. Sometimes, we even provide solutions that aren’t within our discipline. We go out of our way to make life easy for the people who hire us because our ultimate purpose is to ensure our projects succeed on all levels.

I think the best way to describe it is that we behave like a prime even when we’re the subconsultant. We are committed to the success of the whole project, not just our piece of it. We’re even in the process of implementing a new quality process. I can’t say more than that now, but I’m really excited about what it will mean to our clients. It is really satisfying to know that we are always seeking out ways to improve the excellent work we do here at FSi.

Along with being excellent communicators with a commitment to holistic project success, I think what really sets FSi apart is our ability to perform our work with a certain levity and ease. We enjoy the work we do and it shows in the way we approach our teams and projects. We revel in the opportunity to provide an excellent service and are eager for opportunities to develop relationships, old and new.

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