The Very Good Dogs of FSi

FSi knows all dogs are good dogs, but we are pretty sure that ours are the best! To celebrate National Spoil Your Dog day, we’re giving you a glimpse at our pups. You can tell these are some dearly beloved canines. You can read a little bit about them below.


Ann’s dog, Pepsi Jackson, is 2 years old and was rescued as a puppy from Mexico. She was told he was a Dachshund-Chihuahua, but doggy DNA proved he was 1% dachshund and 45% Australian Cattle dog/Heeler. Pepsi arrived to Ann filthy and nervous and only knew life inside of a crate. Even though he is much bigger than Ann had wanted, Pepsi is a very loved member of the Jackson household.

Jack Jack

On the left is Ann’s other dog, Jack Jack Jackson, on one of the many airplane flights he has taken in the 10 years since he was rescued from the streets of California. He loves his airplane bag and dives in ready for his next adventure. Jack has probably flown over 25 times since she adopted him. Such a lucky boy! On the right is Jack Jack living his best life floating with his Mom, Ann Jackson, on Highland Lake, in Windham Maine. This is one of Jack’s favorite past-times!


Ben G.’s dog, Byrnie, is a proud big sister to baby Moe. She loves cheese and detests Squirrels. She’s 3 years old and still trying to be a puppy.


David R. writes that this photo looks exactly like his late friend Thor. He was a handsome Great Dane/Mastiff mix. David had him from a pup to his old age. He was very loving and strong enough to pull a loaded toboggan.


Jeanette’s dog, Kimber, is a big goofy girl. She likes to herd her babies (Jeanette’s kids) away from danger (ie water, which she is terrified of), tries a little too desperately to be friends with her cat siblings, and sleeps with her head on a pillow like the human she thinks she is. Good luck trying to get that ball away from her.


Kim’s dog, Sammy, is a sensitive and outdoorsy gal who loves cheese and hates loud noises. Sammy is an enthusiastic proponent of ground source heating and cooling technology and digs wells all over her yard. She uses the wells to cool off in the summer and stay warm in the winter so she doesn’t have to come inside, where there are no squirrels.


Rainey loves hiking and snow. Ironically she hates rainy weather. She’s part Bernese, part Pyrenees, all love.


Mimi, Maika’s 1-year-old fur baby, is a remarkably affectionate girl who is deeply attached to her. She loves to be close, often leaning on Maika or snuggling up on her lap for cuddles. One of her favorite pastimes is playing chase; she’ll grab a toy and excitedly invite Maika to chase her all around the house. Mimi also has a strong protective instinct, both within her home and the surrounding property. She diligently keeps a watchful eye on her territory, ensuring that both her house and land remain safe and secure.


Theo, or as his dad, Ola, likes to call him, Mr. Snicklefritz, is mighty in his bark and demeanor, But underneath his brindle coat, he’s loving, carrying, and very sensitive. All he wants in life is to play, play, and play more especially with other dogs, yellow balls, and our friendly neighborhood squirrels.


Lord Jasper Bighead, Earl of Dogsalot, rescued Ro in May of 2017 and they’ve been together ever since. He has a steel plate in his hip and some brain damage from a hit and run in 2018, but he still makes time to supervise Ro as she works from home. Jasper thinks Ro needs to be under constant surveillance. No one is sure why, but we’re glad he’s is on the job. In addition to Ro and her son Connor, Jasper loves treats, belly rubs, and borking at squirrels.


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