FSi Engineers is pleased to announce the promotion of Andy Langdon to Associate Principal. Andy earned his Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from Washington State University in 2006. Four years later, he joined FSi, where he has brought strong project management and design skills to his projects. In 2016, he earned the title of Associate, and in 2021, Senior Associate. He leads the development of FSi’s technical standards, training and mentoring culture, and QA/QC programs, and as of November 21, of 2022, was promoted to Associate Principal.

According to Principal Kevin Chadwick, Andy brings a breadth of knowledge that makes him an asset to any project. “He’s a utility player,” says Chadwick. “He can figure out just about anything you put in front of him. That’s why he is so great for clients like Boeing and the Port of Seattle. They have a wide variety of projects with high degrees of complexity. Andy can walk in and work out the best ways to phase, staff, and design each project.”

Andy also has responsibility for FSi’s specifications, including overseeing the removal of red-list materials as identified by the Living Future Institute. He is currently leading the team that drives FSi’s pursuit of sustainability. His background working for contractors gives him a unique perspective on equipment as it is installed in real world implementations. He is adept at keeping up with the latest technologies available while keeping his clients on the leading edge of sustainability and efficiency.

Combining a great sense of humor with a clear and concise communication style, Andy brings an ease to projects that his colleagues have learned to appreciate. “It used to drive me crazy,” Chadwick laughs. “We’d all be tense about how a project was going and Andy would just come in with ‘The Easy Button,’ helping us all de-stress and have a new relationship to the challenges of the project. I’ve really come to value that part of Andy’s contribution.”

Please join us in congratulating Andy on his new role. We look forward to his continuing contributions in the decades to come.

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