In 2010, Zack Smith graduated from the State University of New York at Buffalo. Inspired by his grandfather, a pilot in World War II, Zack earned a dual degree in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering. Zack brought his talents to the Pacific Northwest in 2015, feeling the pull of Seattle’s leadership in sustainability and energy reduction policies. FSi’s values match his own desires to make a positive contribution to the health of the planet, and he joined the team. He admires FSi’s culture, describing how much he appreciates the trust our leadership team places in every employee and how every engineer is encouraged to make design decisions appropriate to their training and experience. He loves how everyone at FSi takes full ownership of their contributions to projects.

Zack is FSi’s expert in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), a modeling system that helps us create the best solutions for our clients, from airplane paint hangars, to naturally vented ferry terminals. He says, “CFD provides peace of mind to engineers and clients because we can see a representation of our actual design. It’s a powerful tool that’s also simple to understand, empowering every client to participate and provide value in what would otherwise be very technical conversations.” He has also been known to remark that the software’s colorful output would make great t-shirt designs.

We value Zack for his direct communication style and consider him our resident sports celebrity, as he spends his summer and fall playing for the 18th nationally ranked Ultimate Frisbee team – Seattle Voodoo. In addition to training five days a week during the season, he also coaches the Garfield High School boys’ team. When he’s not flinging a Frisbee, Zack is a movie buff, a New York basketball fan, and loves to cook, saying he makes “a mean jambalaya.”