Umaima joined FSi in 2022, bringing 9 years of experience and a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Washington. Her love of problem-solving and helping her father in his manufacturing business gave her early clues to her future career path. Her father also taught her perseverance, and to always keep her sense of humor in challenging situations. From her mother, she got fearlessness in pursuing her dreams, even as they took her to the other side of the world. Umaima demonstrated fearless persistence in her senior project where she worked on the design of a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine, overcoming several hurdles to find a functionally viable design that she is still proud of.

With her huge variety of indoor and outdoor interests, you never know where you might find Umaima, but it will always be someplace exciting. She loves to cook and explore new cuisines, take advantage of Washington’s amazing array of places to enjoy nature, travel to learn about new cultures, and play games and puzzles by herself and with friends and family.

All-electric energy codes go statewide

The 2021 Washington State and Seattle energy codes take effect soon. For the first time, all-electric systems are required statewide.

A Space to Learn Wine

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A Cafeteria for the Earth

The new cafeteria at Green Lake Elementary features state-of-the-art sustainable design.