With 36 years of accounting and business experience, Marci Albright brings her meticulous attention to detail to our accounting team. Since joining FSi in 2016, Marci has taken on the role of staff accountant and turned it into a demonstration of FSi’s values, particularly that of Ownership Mindset.

When a client was having difficulty paying their bills, many companies would have simply added interest charges and late fees, or sent them to collections. Instead, Marci spent time with the client and discovered the problem resulted from their unfamiliarity with accounting practices and software. With understanding and patience, she helped the client work through the set-up of their accounting software and the intricacies of their accounting technology. The result? A happy client and paid invoices.

Marci maintains the office chocolate supply with a bowl of candy on her desk. This brings most of her co-workers into her domain on a daily basis. On her days off, you’ll find Marci and Eddie, her husband of four years, attending concerts, visiting the casino, raising money for MS, and snuggling on the sofa watching movies.

All-electric energy codes go statewide

The 2021 Washington State and Seattle energy codes take effect soon. For the first time, all-electric systems are required statewide.

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