Maika is an intern in her Senior year at the UW – Bothell where she is majoring in mechanical engineering. Maika came to engineering after earning a degree in International Business in 2016. She realized she really missed having math as a part of her daily life, and so decided to make a change in her career path. She attended Edmonds Community College, graduated, and then transferred to the University of Washington as an engineering major.

At FSi she is enjoying putting her classroom learning to practical use by working with energy modeling. Using the 15 year payback standard, she assesses many of the available options to determine which ones will best suit the clients’ needs. She says, “It feels great when I can help clients meet their payback goals and be productive.” She is also appreciative of FSi’s culture of mentoring and openness to questions and continuous growth and learning.

When she is not working, studying, or attending classes, Maika spends time at with her family and at church. “Just a nice, normal life,” she says with a smile.

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