After finishing her BSME in 2006, Ellisa found a passion in HVAC. This passion led her to pursue an MSME, to gain in-depth knowledge of building thermal systems. While in grad school, she published several white papers, and performed research that contributed to the ASHRAE Handbook’s HVAC chapters.

At FSi, she enjoys the variety of systems she designs for her customers, and the complexity of building science and uniqueness of every project. Her favorite projects combine community infrastructure, energy-efficiency, and interesting design intricacies to be solved.

Ellisa has recently moved to Tacoma, and already has a deep appreciation of the local community. She is active in supporting the community through volunteer work. She enjoys exploring the outdoors with her husband and Buddy, the 9-yr old rescue pup. She is always ready to have a culinary adventure, or to travel overseas to visit her family.