Christopher Youngman joined FSi in 2019, bringing decades of Human Resources experience and a keen love of technology. The latter trait has served him well, as he has been called to serve in ad hoc IT capacities as we changed phone and accounting systems immediately upon his arrival. He has taken on tasks including creating an employee handbook and on-boarding procedures, and was instrumental in our JUST certification process. Everything Chris has done prepares FSi to grow into its next stage as the company begins its 35th year in business.

Growing up in the Midwest, Christopher has a natural love of learning given to him by his parents, a school teacher and a librarian. He says his love of reading and helping made him a natural for the HR profession, where he strives to create a diverse, fair, and positive environment where all workers can grow and thrive.

Christopher has lived in the Pacific Northwest for over 23 years. In November of 2017, Christopher and his partner legally adopted their long-term foster son Eastan, who has lived with them for more than six years.  Christopher says, “Eastan really helps us take a new perspective and appreciate things many people take for granted.”