Brandon is a licensed mechanical engineer and certified energy manager (CEM) with 14 years of experience supporting maintenance of HVAC systems with investigation, troubleshooting, design of upgrades, and commissioning (Cx). He has expertise in HVAC, controls, and plumbing assessment and design. He has worked extensively with public agencies, tailoring each project to agency needs, standards, and processes.

When you talk to Brandon about what he enjoys, you find out he’s an engineer through and through. One of his favorite things about his work is fixing difficult problems, solving puzzles, and making things work well. He’s proud that a contractor noted that Brandon was the only engineer he’d ever seen go into the down and dirty places where contractors go all the time. “I like to fix things,” he says with a smile. “Turns out, there’s a profession for that.”

Brandon grew up as a farm kid, in a family that grew wheat, barley, and peas. He has fond memories of working together with aunts, uncles, and cousins as they gathered to complete big projects. One that Brandon especially enjoys remembering is when they did major rehab on an old barn. Nobody stopped to ask if they could do something, they just made things work. The old structure got jacked up to have a foundation poured right under it. It got a new skin and a new raised floor. The barn still functions today and is a solid representation of prudence, clever fixes, and what family can accomplish by acting as a cohesive unit. Brandon is committed to giving his son and daughter the same kind of closeness and purpose in their lives. Not only has he never left the farm, he never will.

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