Spokane International Airport Maintenance & Paint Hangar

Port of Spokane

FSi was the mechanical engineer for a new aircraft painting and maintenance hangar at Spokane International Airport. The new hangar accommodates two Boeing 737s simultaneously. Each aircraft position has its own dedicated heating and ventilating system, allowing different tasks to be performed simultaneously on two aircraft. Two 100,000 cfm air handling units supply air heated to 120 °F to shorten the paint drying process, which, in turn, increases production and reduces energy consumption. Four exhaust fans remove the filtered air from the hangar.

The design team used BIM 3D modeling software to design this complex project. FSi integrated the building model, which was originally created using Bentley Architecture, with Revit MEP. Using Revit improved coordination, and provided tools to analyze the ducting systems and ultimately aid in the selection of the air handling units.

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