737 Moving Assembly Line Preparation

The Boeing Company, Renton

FSi was the prime consultant and mechanical engineer for upgrades to Boeing’s Renton 737 assembly buildings, to prepare the buildings for a new moving production line. The projects were part of Boeing’s overall improvements to the production process inspired by lean automobile manufacturing methods in Japan. FSi led relocation of floor shops and trench utilities to make way for the moving line. The $1 million construction project was divided into 20 small, very fast-track individual projects managed by FSi as prime consultant. The overall project had a very challenging schedule, and most of the individual projects completed within 2 weeks of receiving the new task from Boeing. With these preparations completed, Boeing met its 8-month schedule for installation of the moving line. The new line moves 737s continuously at a rate of about two inches per minute, reducing final assembly time by 50 percent.

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