On-Call Mechanical Contracts at Transit Bases

King County Transit

FSi has completed dozens of work orders under prime on-call contracts with King County Transit since 2003. Our work has included systems evaluations and upgrades, and renovations to base buildings. Some of the work orders are listed below.

North Transit Base Energy Best Practices
In support of King County’s mandate to reduce energy use by 10% in all County-run facilities, FSi conducted a detailed analysis of energy use at the North Base. We documented the energy used by each system and function including computers, HVAC systems, tools, process equipment, and lighting. We identified upgrades (including significant low- and no-cost measures) to reduce energy use at the base by 27%. FSi then developed a list of potential upgrade options along with estimates of cost, energy savings, payback period for each option. The County used our report as a framework for upgrades at all bases in the King County Transit system.

Central Base Lift Upgrades
FSi was the prime consultant for piping upgrades to support replacement of bus lifts at the Central Transit base. FSi reviewed record drawings, confirmed the accuracy of existing documentation, reviewed existing conditions, and coordinated closely with other disciplines to ensure success of the project.

North Transit Base Ventilation Upgrades
FSi was the prime consultant for ventilation upgrades to this 150,000 sf bus garage and fueling building. We performed a value engineering analysis, and explored strategies including consolidating fans, alternative fan types and arrangements, reducing duct runs and pressure drop, and contaminant sensing to control variable airflows. FSi designed replacement of controls to increase efficiency, and installed new contaminant sensors that tailor airflow to current conditions, providing further energy savings. Construction was phased to minimize impact on the base’s 24/7 operations.

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