On-Call Fire Protection Upgrades

University of Washington

FSi was the prime consultant and mechanical engineer for on-call fire protection upgrades to the University of Washington from 2009-2011. The 22 work orders included repair and maintenance of wet sprinkler, dry, and pre-action systems. FSi provided pre-design studies, construction documents, hydraulic calculations, preparation of final construction documents for competitive bidding, and construction administration. FSi conducted extensive and accurate field investigations, designed for renovation with the addition of fire protection, and met fast-track schedules, and tight budgets. We outlined requirements for phased construction where buildings were continuously occupied. Work orders include:

  • Medical Center Data Center Pre-Action Sprinkler Upgrade
  • Pre Design for Fire Protection of the Center on Human Development and Disability School
  • Odegaard Library FP Pre-Design, and FP Sprinkler Upgrade
  • Engineering Library, and Loew Hall FP Pre-Design, and Sprinkler Up-Grade
  • Hutchinson Hall FP Sprinkler Upgrade
  • Hitchcock Hall FP Pre-Design, and FP Sprinkler Upgrade
  • Guthrie Hall FP Pre-Design
  • UWHS NW 078 FP Pre-Design
  • Health Sciences B Wing FP Pre-Design, and FP Sprinkler Upgrade
  • Health Sciences FP System Evaluation and Documentation
  • UW Tower Fire Pump Replacement
  • UW Tower Stairwell/Elevator Shaft Pressurization Upgrade
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