King County Courthouse Water Piping Assessment

King County Facilities Management Division

FSi was prime consultant and mechanical engineer for assessment of the condition of the domestic water system at King County’s 500,000 sf downtown courthouse. The 1915 building is a registered historic landmark. The 14-story courthouse has undergone 30+ renovation projects, creating a complex plumbing system of many vintages.

The County did not have accurate documentation of existing systems, so part of our project scope involved following and documenting every length of piping in the facility to create accurate as-built drawings. We coordinated with 10 separate agencies, each with different security requirements, to gain access to every space in the building, without disrupting the facility’s 24/7 operations.

We also documented the condition of all building water piping. We coordinated the sampling, replacement, and analysis of sections of plumbing through a local plumber and corrosion consultant.

We documented our findings in a comprehensive and well-organized report. The report recommended cost-effective solutions for the deficiencies we discovered, suggested energy saving opportunities in the facility, and described potential health/safety hazards along with recommended solutions. We estimated the remaining life of the system, replacement costs, and recommended phasing.

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