Airport Energy & Facility Assessment

King County International Airport

FSi provided condition and energy assessment of mechanical and fire protection systems at the King County Airport. We assessed 17 airport buildings totaling 310,000 sf, including airport terminal buildings, hangars, offices, airport control tower, emergency services, and maintenance facilities. We talked to maintenance staff, reviewed operating and maintenance procedures, and estimated remaining equipment life. We documented existing energy use and system efficiencies, compared building energy use with industry averages, identified potential energy conservation measures, and made recommendations for implementing improvements. We identified low- and no-cost upgrades that would provide significant energy savings, and airport maintenance staff began implementing some of those upgrades, such as caulking drafty windows, before we had even completed our survey.

The County used our report to update the Facilities Assessment for the airport, in compliance with FAA requirements. Combining the condition and energy assessments allows the County to use limited maintenance budgets wisely, connecting energy upgrades with planned and needed system upgrades. We identified measures to save the County 36% of current energy costs representing over $200,000 savings annually, with construction cost estimates of $262,000 for short payback measures and $364,000 for 5-15 year payback measures.

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