Green Lake Elementary School Lunchroom Addition

Seattle Public Schools

FSi was the mechanical engineer for the addition of a stand-alone cafeteria building at Green Lake Elementary. Based on the school district’s commitment to sustainability, the project team set the goal of achieving net zero energy use for the building, as well as complying with all requirements of the Washington Sustainable Schools Protocol (WSSP), although the building is not large enough to require a WSSP submittal. We had a design charrette at the project outset, setting ambitious goals for the project. FSi designed an efficient hydronic heating system, along with a 100% outside air ventilation system with heat recovery. Domestic hot water is heated by solar panels with a gas back-up, and additional solar panels for energy generation were included as a bid alternate. Rainwater is harvested and used to irrigate a garden run by students during the school year, and community gardens during the summer.

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