East Link Phase 3, 30% Design

Sound Transit

FSi was the mechanical engineer for the preliminary design of Sound Transit’s East Link. The completed rail line will connect Downtown Seattle to Redmond. FSi provided mechanical, plumbing, and fire protection design for six stations along this line for the 30% level documents. This included cost estimating, a basis of design, and drawings to 30% level. The most technically complex station was the Bellevue Tunnel Station, with mechanical, fire protection, and plumbing design to serve all underground spaces documented in full drawings. FSi developed an energy model of the Bellevue Tunnel Station to select the most efficient system possible. This allowed us to select a high efficiency water to water heat pump to effectively meet cooling and heating needs, instead of moving very large volumes of air. This system can provide significant cost savings, measurable energy savings, and increased comfort over the standard systems in the Sound Transit design manual.

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