District-Wide Energy Assessment and Upgrades to Three Schools

Edmonds School District

FSi provided mechanical engineering for a design study, support for a grant from the Office of the Superintendent of Public Education. The school district obtained the grant, which funded upgrades at three schools. We then provided mechanical design for the upgrades at Maplewood Center K-8 School, Meadowdale High School, and Westgate Elementary.

At Maplewood, we designed revisions to a therapeutic pool heating system. The pool was separated from the main building heating loop, and attached to a stand-alone heating system consisting of a condensing boiler and pump. For Meadowdale, we designed a controls upgrade for Building B including replacing a damper actuator and control board for each VAV box. At Westgate Elementary the entire heating system is being upgraded with two new condensing boilers, two hot water circulation pumps, a condensing water heater, and a thermostatic mixing valve, and new DDC for the entire building.

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