City of Seattle 20% Energy Upgrades

City of Seattle

The City of Seattle is a signatory to the federal Better Building Challenge, and has committed to an aggressive goal of reducing building energy use in City-owned buildings by 20%. To begin this process, the City hired FSi to study possible energy improvements in individual buildings. We evaluated the 90,200 sf, three-story Seattle Police West Precinct. The building includes a police station and 911 call center. FSi conducted an ASHRAE Level 3 Energy Audit to identify energy saving measures (ESM) to achieve at least 20% savings over a 2007 baseline. FSi’s scope included building surveys, trending building control points, identifying and evaluating ESMs, and creating an energy model to estimate energy savings for the ESMs. FSi identified 21% potential energy savings from low- and no-cost upgrades such as control schedule updates and temperature setpoint adjustments. We also identified more costly ESMs, for a total of 46% potential energy savings. FSi used a similar methodology to evaluate Seattle’s Fire Station 25. We identified a 45% potential energy savings in the building, with low and no cost items able to save 27% of overall building energy use. The findings will serve as an energy guideline for fire stations throughout the city.

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