Bagley Hall Chemistry Lab Remodel

University of Washington

FSi was the mechanical engineer for remodel of Chemistry Lab 191 in Bagley Hall at the University of Washington. The project created a state-of-the-art teaching and research lab in a 1937 building. Most mechanical systems were from the original building construction, and the budget required us to maintain most of these original systems. We met this challenge, with cost-effective upgrades to the existing systems. We added 10 fume hoods and appropriate ventilation with environmental controls. The existing steam radiator heating was maintained, and upgraded with new control valves and temperature sensors. The plumbing services to the benches included cold and hot water, natural gas, compressed air, and de-ionized water.

We designed the lab for flexibility. The university planned to use the lab initially as a research facility for faculty, and intended to later convert it to a classroom for upper level students.

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