WWU Central Campus and Ridgeway Steam Upgrades

Western Washington University

FSi was the prime consultant and mechanical engineer for replacement of piping in WWU’s central steam heating and hot water heating system to improve performance and extend system life. The project replaced roughly a quarter of the steam, condensate, and compressed air piping in the campus-wide system. Most of the piping replaced was in buried utilidors, creating challenges for system assessment and construction. The project also provided seismic supports and insulation to current code requirements.

We helped WWU to explore options for keeping buildings occupied during construction. We provided multiple phasing plans for both the Ridgeway and Central campus areas, outlining scheduling, cost, and occupant impacts for each option. Based WWU’s preferred options, we designed shut-off valves for critical Central Campus areas to allow individual buildings to be taken off line and minimize downtime during construction. Based on the information we provided, WWU decided to reduce occupancy in the Ridgeway complex to reduce costs and delays.

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